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  •   Our Deluxe Beard Care Kit is everything a man needs to comb, brush, and trim his beard.
    Also included, is beard oil to nourish his skin and beard balm to keep the fly away hair on its
    best behavior.

    The Beard kit includes a beard brush (Please note that the brush contains BOAR hair, if this is a problem for any reason, just let me know and I can exchange the brush for a beard balm/oil for you) , beard comb,scissors and convenient travel bag.
    It comes in a special kit box we have made that is high quality and doubles
    as a very nice gift box.

    In addition to the Basic Beard Care Kit, the Deluxe Beard Care Kit contains one
    bottle of beard oil (1.75oz)/w gift tube package and one beard balm (2oz) of your choice.

    You choose the beard oil/balm scent of your liking. All three are absolutely FANTASTIC scent's!
    No wrong choice with the scent's.

    A fantastic gift package for the bearded wonder in your world.

    Also, if you have any questions, please email me with them.

    I really appreciate every order that I receive, and will communicate the status of your order the same day that it is placed. Every beard order is made fresh the day that it is placed.

    Thank you!


    Deluxe Beard Care Kit

    SKU: 893461122
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