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  • Handmade
  • Materials: hempseed oil, castor oil, vitamin e, vitamin B5, decyl glucoside, cocobetaine, btms 25, stearic acid, natural preservative, fragrance oil, distilled water

  •   What is the purpose of shaving cream?
    Shaving cream creates a thin layer of protection between the blade and the skin, ensuring less friction and minimizing the risk of redness, razor burn and irritation - and fewer nicks and cuts.

    Why choosing EurSkin Shaving Cream?
    A good Shave is part of skin care. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it requires care.
    It is very important that you use a good, natural shaving cream that moisturizes and protects your skin.
    The ingredients that I use in this shaving cream are:
    1. Hempseed oil;
    2. Castor oil;
    3. Vitamin E oil;
    4. Vitamin B5;
    5. Btms-25;
    6. Decyl Glucoside;
    7. Glycerin;
    How to use EurSkin Shaving Cream
    No matter where you want to get rid of unwanted hair, shaving cream, a razor and a shaving brush are the only tools you will need.
    Step 1.
    Wet your skin with warm water. This will help open up your pores and soothe your skin, so that you get a smoother, cleaner shave.
    Step 2.
    Using a shaving brush, apply a thick layer all over the area you'd like to shave. You shouldn't be able to see your skin under the layer of shaving cream.
    Step 3.
    Shave your face in the direction your hair grows. Use short strokes with your razor pulling it across your face with the grain of your hair. Strech the skin tight to get the closest shave. Lower your jaw to make the skin on your cheeks taut and tilt your head up when you start shaving your neck.
    Step 4.
    Rinse your face with water to get rid of all the shaving cream to avoid any itchiness when it dries. If your skin feels irritated use cold water to help soothe the pores. Pat your skin dry with your towel.
    Step 5.
    Apply oil or a moisturizer to keep your skin soft. Apply Aftershave. It is optional but it can help to close your pores and prevent irritation.

    WARNING! if you are alergic to ANY of the ingredients listed above, do not use the product!

    Shaving Cream For Men Men's shaving cream for beard shaving cream for beard sha

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